We have the experience

Gizane Assessing Services have more than 20 years experience in the industry. We know the assessing service industry in and out and there is no task cannot accomplish.

We guarantee quality service

We will ensure that you get the quality of service we promise, we offer an efficient service and we will make certain that all processes and procedures run smoothly.

We are professional

Dealing with Gizane Assessing Services means dealing with thorough professionals. When it comes to our business and our clients, we take no chances.

About Gizane Assessing Services

Gizane Assessing Services is a black owned company, which focuses a significant part of its operation on the motor fleet industry. Management have over 20 years experience in resolving abuse and neglect cases and assessing accident damaged vehicles and costs there-of. Our experience includes, among others: managing mechanical workshops, supervising and managing major structural repair shops, assessing, Analysis of Utilisation (Right Vehicle Right Application and Auditing ordinary vehicles and trucks). 

We assure you that all Motor Vehicle Repair Audits, Assessments, Cost Recoveries and investigations there-of will be dealt with the utmost accuracy, fairness and above all, integrity.