About Us

Company Overview

Gizane Assessing Services is a black owned company, which focuses a significant part of its operation on the motor fleet industry. Management have over 20 years experience in resolving abuse and neglect cases; and assessing accident damaged vehicles and costs there-of.

Our experience includes; among others: managing mechanical workshops, supervising and managing major structural repair shops, assessing, Analysis of Utilisation (Right Vehicle Right Application and Auditing ordinary vehicles and trucks. Damages and costs there-of are conducted in the most cost effective manner.

We are currently (on average) saving our customers 20% of their accident repair costs. We also provide (on request) statistical data which can be used to educate government officials on vehicle cost reductions. The GIZANE ASSESSING SERVICES’ vehicle assessments division has benefited the entire group and have given us an enormous amount of expertise in the vehicle insurance, mechanical and accidental repairs; and salvaging industries. Gizane Assessing Services is proud to be associated with your organisation and we thank you for the opportunity you have given us to present our business profile. We feel as a national vehicle assessment organization, with branches in most centers of the country, we are in a unique position to offer a win-win proposal for both parties. I would like to suggest that we only discuss our fees when we discuss the matter further. We believe we can always find one another regarding the issue of fees. 

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present this profile and we are looking forward to a long lasting business relationship

The Pillars Of Our Business


Our ultimate goal is to become the preferred provider of Inspections and Assessing services to our customers. We are determined to keep the Gizane Assessing Services' name synonymous with value by continuously improving efficiencies, the benefit of which is passed on to our customers.


As a company managed by highly experienced individuals, our customers can rest assured that they are dealing with a company of utmost integrity. Here at Gizane Assessing Services we care about our customers best interests and provide them with the best possible solution.


Service excellence and adding value every step of the way, such as helping our customers improve on their production objectives. This is the Gizane Assessing Services' difference. One of the value added services we offer to our customers is that even though the motor repair industry is some what quiet during Christmas holidays, we remain open.


Gizane Assessors have established an “In Search of Excellence” program, which aims to continuously improve our overall quality of service including turn around times. Each staff member of Gizane Assessors has the opportunity to provide input, thereby ensuring every aspect of the business is assessed and enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Brief History

Gizane Assessing Services was formed in 2005 by Sipho Timothy Ntshingila. Sipho started this company by sub – contracting work from out of Durban companies who needed the service.

Sipho’s love for risk management on fleet vehicles started in 1995 when he went on the BMW fulltime cadet training. He stayed with BMW SA until 1998 when his career in the fleet industry began as he joined Imperial Fleet Services (IFS) as a Senior Account Executive assisting Walter Smith’s team in running the KZN office based in Durban.

In 2001 he moved to Imperial Auto Body in Hermanstad, Pretoria as a workshop manager.

He stayed with them until September 2005 and his last position with them was National Technical Manager. The main deliverable in this position was that of transforming the Imperial workshops countrywide from operating as ordinary workshops into operating as proper corporate entities. He then started his Assessing training with Tony Pestana and Associates in Johannesburg.

Sipho had to go back to the corporate world in August 2006 due to the fact that the company was struggling to get business.

He then joined Phakisa world’s as a Regional manager for KZN and in January 2007 he was promoted into the position of Operations Director.

Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions is a subsidiary of Barloworld group. He held this position until September 2009 when his company (Gizane Assessing Services) got a contract with of South Africa’s SOEs.

Mr. Ntshingila is currently one of the executive members of South African Association of Motor Assessors (SAAMA) and SAAMA is a full member of the newly formed Vehicle Damage Quantification organization where all the major insurance companies are represented.

The company today is contracted to some of leading Insurance and Fleet management organizations. We, as a company, assure you that all Motor Vehicle Repair Audits, Assessments, Cost Recoveries and investigations there-of will be dealt with the utmost accuracy, fairness and above all, integrity. We place a lot of emphasis on proper diagnostics and other factors which determines fair wear and tear e.g. vehicle age, distance travelled and overall condition from the mechanical components, electrics, through to the bodywork and upholstery.

We have witnessed a lot of incidents caused by the fact that the vehicle was using illegal tires or the brakes not in a good state of repair during the time of the accident. As we all know, abuse or neglect and lack of attention to detail, particularly in regard to schedule servicing and illegal tires are the main reasons for most accidents and excessive wear and tear. Gizane Assessing Services, however; takes each assignment individually and looks at all contributing factors when making decisions. When we submit the reports, there will be no grey areas that could lead to discomfort, disagreements and disappointment later. Our continuous drive towards timely and efficient service, with a focus on cost effectiveness, will ultimately ensure the gratification of all.

The implementation of innovative ideas, concepts and ongoing research within the industry will ensure that GIZANE ASSESSING SERVICES become one of the top companies in Assessments, Inspections and Post Audit Assessments in the country. Gizane Assessing Services is aware of struggles faced by organizations like yourselves in balancing their budgets. Their revenue is mainly affected by factors like weather extremes, substandard road conditions and driving conditions. Needless to say the focus is now on reducing the costs caused by above-mentioned conditions and we see ourselves as one of the vehicles that can be used to address this matter. We feel that Gizane Assessing Services is in a very good position to protect our customers when they can least afford to lose vehicles and balancing their budget.

Gizane Assessing Services can assist with your next assessment, simply give us a call or click the "Contact Us" button to get the process started.