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Redecorate Your Existing Roller Blinds


Everyone likes to have new things once in a while. This is one of the reasons why homeowners choose to redecorate their house every few years. It can get boring looking at the same old furnishings year after year. Unfortunately, redecorating takes money and not everyone has the funds to redecorate their homes. They think they are stuck with the same furniture, flooring and walls that they have right now. This might be true, but there is one aspect of their rooms that they can change without spending very much money at all.

Your roller blinds are excellent candidates for redecoration. You have the ability to turn your current roller blinds into brand new, stylish window treatments that can completely transform your room and your décor. Think about it. You probably look out of your window ten times a day. If you make this simple change, you can alter your view in no time at all.

Before you begin redecorating your roller blinds, you will want to ensure that you have dusted and cleaned them thoroughly. You do not want your creativity to be stifled by anything. Use a feather duster, can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Then, because you are already removing the blind to redecorate it, you can simply put the blinds in the bathtub and wash them with mild soap and water. Be aware though: you should only do this if your blinds are vinyl. Fabric blinds should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions only.

One way that you can redecorate your roller blinds is to cover the blind with a piece of fabric. You will need to measure the blind carefully to find out how much fabric you need. Make sure you get a little more fabric than you need to ensure you have enough. Use a glue gun or a spray glue to attach the fabric to the surface of the blind. Wrap the extra fabric around the blinds or cut it off.

You can also paint the blinds, which while not as complicated as covering them in fabric, takes a little more time and creativity. Use a sponge to apply fabric paint to your blinds. While you can probably paint your blinds while they are hanging, it is recommended that you take them down to make it easier. The last thing you want to do is have your perfectly planned out pattern turn into a smudge because the blind moved at an inconvenient time.


Source by John C Cherry